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Good to Know Guide:

Responsive Design for Email

Not long ago, the big concern was getting email campaigns to render beautifully across web browsers and email clients. Now those same challenges are compounded by the fractured environment of hyper-connected customers, checking email on whatever screen is handy. An email campaign that looks terrific on a desktop computer may be a nightmare for your audience to engage with on mobile. When it's time to get serious about optimization, one approach to this is Responsive Design.

Inside our "Good to Know Guide: Responsive Design for Email," you'll find:

  • The three key features at the heart of responsive design;
  • The difference between mobile-optimized and responsive email;
  • How media queries work, examples, and samples of code language;
  • Best practices for responsive design;
  • Side-by-side comparisons of mobile-friendly, responsive and predictive design approaches, and more!

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