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Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI
By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer

- Independent report by Forrester Research, Inc. released April 2012

Oreck decided it was time to get smart about impression delivery across multiple channels. Working with partner Knotice, Oreck created a unified view of the customer to effectively target and deliver brand messages with improved relevance to each unique customer across multiple channels.

Download the complete case study to learn more about:

  • How Oreck was able to break free of fragmented channel-centric data organization and streamline cross-channel messaging within a single platform.
  • How they successfully orchestrated message flows to introduce real-time relevance on their website, within email and across display channels.
  • Why having a unified view of the customer helped Oreck increase conversions, boost ROI, and enhance media spend efficiency.
  • How universal profiles make it possible for Oreck to leverage data to customize each person's messaging experiences for stronger results.

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