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Universal Profile Management

Today, marketers struggle immensely with fragmented data. Some data is trapped in analytics systems. Other data is trapped in campaign execution platforms. Operational workarounds are used to try and tie it together, but critical data is lost. It's no wonder that marketers say their inability to create a unified view of customers is the primary obstacle in achieving customer-focused multi-channel messaging.

With Knotice's Universal Profile Management system, everything changes. Finally, marketers have a powerful, profile-centric system that natively fuses together data like never before, seamlessly creating and enriching anonymous and known profile activity across channels. The result is a single, operational dataset that is as equally equipped to drive analytics as it is to inform cross-channel messaging via Knotice's on-demand platform Concentri.

Free yourself of the bitter frustration of fragmented systems and go native! Today, how you collect data is as important as the data you collect. Native data collection dramatically increases data fidelity, allowing you to connect more dots. The more dots you can connect, the more opportunities you will have that can move the marketing dial.

Our unique Universal Profile Management system natively collects more data than any other Email Service Provider on the market today. Our modern API allows for custom data integrations with internal business systems. And our select partner integrations with TruEffect for Direct Display and Gigya for Facebook opens up an unprecedented amount of actionable data, helping brands better engage with today’s consumer.

Go Native

Knotice's data collection practices are not the type of practices that have been the subject of so much policy and media scrutiny over recent years. Much of this scrutiny has centered on the third party collection, aggregation and sharing of consumer information.

Knotice acts as a service provider on behalf of its clients facilitating direct first-party interactions between each Knotice client and its prospects and customers. Example data that is captured during these interactions may include: (1) website activities occurring at or across the client’s family of websites, (2) purchase history data involving transactions with the client, (3) profile attribute data provided by the client, (4) search data captured through the client’s website, (5) email and mobile activity obtained during client campaigns, (6) social profile information obtained with explicit consent, and (7) impression and click activity for display advertising served from the client’s Internet domain(s).

Data that is collected during these interactions is solely owned by each Knotice client. Knotice does not aggregate or share this data with other Knotice clients or any external third parties. All client data is used solely and exclusively for either analytical purposes on behalf of each client and/or to tailor future direct interactions between a Knotice client and its prospects and customers.

Although Knotice's approach for collecting and using consumer information falls outside the media and policy scrutiny mentioned above, Knotice nonetheless includes tools to provide consumers with complete transparency and control. Moreover, Knotice can assist clients in the review and revision of their privacy policies to ensure policies have proper coverage and alignment with the powerful capabilities Knotice provides.

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