We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
Universal Profile Management from Knotice

Collect Customer Data: Use Knotice’s proprietary software, Concentri®, to conduct surveys that capture important customer preferences that further enhance segmentation possibilities.

Store Customer Data: Concentri has a secure web services API that pulls in real-time data from all of your various databases, including EDW, CRM, POS, e-commerce, and billing systems to name a few. Upload in real-time or on a schedule.

Collect and Store Prospect Data: Concentri’s tracking snippet captures any organic and paid search activity, online advertising clicks, and email, website, and mobile activity. Use the behavioral data to build truly unique segments and display rules to push prospects to a conversion.

Direct Digital Marketing Data Mart: A data warehouses is too big and disorganized to extract the actionable data you need to quickly improve campaigns. Knotice’s database professionals will customize a Data Mart for you that gathers and stores all of the information you need to executive any variety of direct digital marketing campaigns. For a free consultation, click here.

Sophisticated Condition Building: Build a segment using any number and combination of conditions to effectively target a specific audience, run counts, or uncover new targeting opportunities.

Flexible Segment Application: Put your data to work by making a segment, an email list, and/or a content display rule that can apply to content on your website, your landing pages, and your microsites.

Fast Segmentation: Stop wasting time sifting through the endless bits of data. Knotice’s experts will help you define a segment to target quickly. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure you’re in market with a segment and message that gives you the best chance for success.

Run Counts: Understand the size of any segment to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies or new micro-targeting strategies.

Segment Definition and Experimentation: Define any type of segment with any data combination, then experiment and instantly see the effectiveness of the strategy.

Training: We'll give you in-depth training so you can harness the power and flexibility Knotice’s Universal Profile Management Environment.

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