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Testing & Optimization from Knotice

Test and Optimize Your Email

Test different approaches to a specific part of an email or test the entire email Ė even conduct a test before launching the entire campaign to ensure the best possible result.

Email Content

  • Does a 1-word subject line get more opens than a 3-word subject line?
  • Does a personal greeting get more click-throughs?
  • Which offers resonate best with which customers and prospects?
  • What are the most effective calls-to-action?
  • Do layout and creative changes yield more clicks and conversions?
  • Which is more effective - a great product image, or straightforward html text?
  • Does matching lifestyle photography to customer demographic segments mean greater engagement?

Email Delivery

  • Does delivering an email in the morning or the evening get more opens?
  • Does a Tuesday get better click-throughs than a Thursday?
  • Do 4 emails in the same week cause an opt-out, or does it only take 3?
  • Does testing your message with a select portion of your database prior to the campaign provide information to improve overall performance?

Test and Optimize Your Website

Sometimes complete transformation of a website isnít necessary. Test button color, or webpage content easily, and automatically deploy the most effective version.

Site Content

  • Which hero creative compels the visitor to buy?
  • Does headline personalization get more clicks?
  • Does an aggressive call-to-action perform better?
  • Should content change based on daypart?
  • Does rich media positively impact the site experience?

Other Site Elements

  • Will subtle changes to your website navigation improve performance?
  • How does relevance and message reinforcement during buy-flow impact conversions?
  • Should different page layouts be presented to different visitor segments?

Test and Optimize Your Landing Pages and Microsites

Avoid landing page drop offs by knowing the most effective message or approach for each customer or prospect in your database.

Landing Page Forms and Fields

  • Does a personalized, pre-populated form increase or decrease conversions?
  • How many required fields in a form are too many?
  • Does including an address field negatively impact conversions if I only need a phone number?
  • Does a radio button, drop-down, or a check box get more conversions?

Landing Page Layout

  • Does a layout change or the headline font site impact conversions?
  • Does linking back to the main website impact conversions?
  • Does a one-step conversion process perform better than a three-step process?

Test and Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Optimize your mobile marketing by testing SMS dialogues, text campaigns, and mobile web content. Any testing and optimization that is possible on a landing page is possible for mobile, too.

  • Which mobile call-to-action yields the best opt-in rate?
  • Does personalization impact campaign participation?
  • Does long-term program participation improve with a confirmed opt-in?
  • Does a mobile landing page get more conversions than a mobile microsite?

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