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Testing & Optimization from Knotice

Test More Often, In More Places

You know the value of testing and optimization. But, testing and optimizing as much as you need to is difficult when you’re using third-party tools that are disconnected from the rest of your direct digital campaign.

Each of our solutions leverage our on-demand software’s embedded testing capabilities to automate the testing and optimization of all or select elements of your email campaign, your website content, your microsites and landing pages, your mobile marketing, your forms, and anything else you can think of.

Testing isn’t limited to a subject line or button color. You can even test the relationship between channels during a multi-channel campaign when using Knotice for onsite targeting and email marketing. Do recipients of your emails buy more from the click-through, or from a separate website visit? Does changing the homepage content based on email activity, customer purchase history, or website entry-point increase conversions? Knotice finds those answers easily.

Whether you want to define a one-off test, or develop a long-term testing strategy, our experts are here to help. If you’re already an expert, great! Use our on-demand software on your own (and you can still call us if you have questions).

So, stop guessing that an orange button is better than a blue button. Stop guessing that “Buy Now” is more effective than “Learn More”. Stop guessing that “Big Sale Ends Today” gets more opens that “Save 15%”. Stop guessing and start testing.

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