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Onsite Targeting from Knotice

Increase conversion rates and revenue per conversion (or send them to your retail store)

No matter how you track your conversions and revenue per visit, there is always room for improvement. Optimize your site by promoting the right offer to each visitor based on known attributes, purchase history and past behavior.

  • Targeted up-sell and cross-sell messaging based on known attributes and purchase history
  • Leverage your existing propensity modeling data to refine and target offers
  • Embrace established cross-channel habits, or change them by recognizing who buys online and who converts at the store, then modify your calls-to-action accordingly
  • Add sophistication to new product launches to distinguish the site experience - some shoppers are eager to trial new products while others want to quickly find their standbys

Customize experiences for diverse constituencies

Your site visitors donít all fall in the same bucket. Make the homepage experience more relevant for every visitor.

  • Prospects are seeking different information than long-time customers, so alter their experience.
  • Personalize the site experience with images, copy, and overall tone for different demographic groups
  • Customize content and offers based on the feedback your customers share in surveys and preference forms
  • Avoid burying relevant content by escalating the right information for varying constituencies

Test, test, test

Not sure which banner design concept will work best? Use A/B tests to optimize content for all visitors, regardless of how much you know about them.

  • Design is now an objective art - test creative for feature banners and promotions
  • Test every call-to-action on every page and know the right copy, color, size, and shape for every action
  • Test design and architecture of critical components such as navigation and shopping carts

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