We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
Onsite Targeting from Knotice

Create great site experiences without great overhead

You expect your website to accomplish many diverse and critical tasks, each essential to the success of the brand. But your site has a finite amount of real estate, and your visitors are not going to volunteer their time to find the content valuable to them.

Onsite targeting is a simple concept. Define easy to edit areas on your website – we call these live zones – and you can change the site experience for each visitor, dynamically producing the most relevant and valuable experience possible in order to drive more conversions per visit, or escalate the right information for a diverse set of audiences.

Knotice’s onsite targeting approach focuses on simple implementation, ultra-flexible content management, and sophisticated targeting and optimization capabilities. In short, we help you achieve great relevance without great overhead and complexity.

With a simple code snippet dropped on your pages, you are minutes away from creating exceptional site experiences with little or no involvement from IT.

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