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Mobile Marketing from Knotice

Simple, Elegant Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile marketing is much more than just sending an SMS text message to a phone. Itís about connecting and conversing with a customer or prospect. Itís about sending a targeted message and acquiring new information to improve future segmentation strategies. Itís about communicating with everyone, regardless of mobile carrier. Itís about the elegant simplicity of Knoticeís approach to mobile marketing.

Whether youíre sending your customers an offer via SMS text message or using mobile communication to extend a CRM program, Knotice has the tools you need to run a comprehensive mobile marketing campaign. Our practical and creative approaches to mobile marketing are fueled by a our precise segmentation capabilities, enabling us to custom-design a mobile solution that fits the unique needs of your business.

Knotice is dedicated to using our experience to navigate the complex mobile marketing ecosystem and act as a single point of contact for developing the type of mobile campaign we know will get the results youíre seeking. We have flexible pricing and understand if youíre interested in testing the success of a mobile marketing program in a pilot before making a long-term commitment.

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