We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
Landing Page Management from Knotice

Scalable templating and landing page management solutions

Knotice will help get your landing pages assessed, organized, and squared away with the right templating and landing page strategy.

  • Control landing page consistency and quality with rigid templates – especially handy if multiple designers and agencies are collaborating
  • Allow marketers the freedom to experiment and test with highly flexible templating tools while locking down critical code and functionality
  • Slash call-center costs and deploy landing pages to support online calls-to-action for offline campaigns too – from DM to broadcast and outdoor
  • Support mobile campaigns with mobile friendly page design and templating

Sophisticated targeting and testing

Knotice’s full suite of content targeting and testing features are available for landing page support.

  • Targeted content injection to dynamically insert targeted up-sell and cross-sell offers without IT support
  • Deploy A/B tests without IT support to test graphics, offers, copy and calls-to-action - or entire pages
  • Smarter SEM and SEO campaigns with powerful content and calls-to-action targeted to page visitors based on their keyword searches


Lift your conversion rates with proven personalization tactics.

  • Greet a customer or prospect by name or personalize content based on other factors
  • Supplement your online or direct mail campaign with personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Registration/order form pre-population

Limitless content options

It’s your content – go nuts. Knotice can handle it.

  • Turn simple landing pages into multi-stage pages and microsites
  • Pump up the experience without bandwidth worries - fully-hosted video and audio capabilities and rich media support
  • Go beyond e-commerce with surveys, preference centers, feedback forms, voting, sweepstakes entries, and registrations

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