We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
Landing Page Management from Knotice

Robust templating solutions: By consolidating common critical code and establishing baseline styles and functionality, you can quickly, efficiently create new pages and dramatically reduce the potential for errors.

All-in-one content targeting and testing: Create sophisticated landing pages that leverage targeted cross-sell and up-sell offers, and optimize all pages with A/B tests (in-page content or entire pages).

Automated optimization: Pre-set your A/B tests so winning content is automatically served full-time once statistical significance is reached. Rest assured you are always in-market with optimized content.

SEM/SEO support: Pull in your SEM and SEO keywords to write display rules that customize the page experience for visitors based on their precise keyword search.

Analytics and optimization dashboard: All pages are tracked by total page views, clicks, and conversions. A/B test results are clearly reported. Evaluate your design and optimization efforts by analyzing conversion rates, revenue, and ROI.

Worry-free, secure hosting: Whether you have 10 landing pages or 1,000 Knotice hosts all content, assets, and code in a scalable, fast, secure SAS 70 Type II environment.

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