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Email Marketing from Knotice

Premium services for email delivery assurance

Email delivery is a crucial element of any successful email marketing campaign, and success should be evaluated based on inbox-level performance of every email. Knotice's dedicated delivery assurance team partners with industry leaders and rigidly follows standardized best practices to continually enhance a delivery assurance system that works behind the scenes to attain consistently high delivery rates for our customers. Since 2004, our delivery rates range from ninety-five to ninety-eight percent across all major ISPs. We have the capacity to send billions of messages a month and send to 60,000 unique domains which are tracked and monitored regularly.


Knotice works with each customer to review sending practices and standards, and then pairs each customer with an IP address configuration optimized for that customerís style of email delivery. Knotice also accredits IP addresses through Sender Score Certified, the leading third-party email certification program. Customers whose volumes exceed 500k/month can be accredited directly by Sender Score Certified (or another third party certification program). Every IP address is compliant with the latest in email authentication technologies, specifically SenderID / SPF and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).

IP warming strategies are used for new customers that are migrating significant email volume from an existing email service provider to Knotice. To learn more about our warming programs, please contact us.

Blacklist and Reputation Monitoring

We receive automated notifications when a customer IP address is added to any one of two hundred major blacklists. These notifications provide us with pertinent information about the blacklist so we can take steps to remove a customer right away.

Data about a customer's sending reputation accounts for eighty percent of the data used to decide if an email makes it to the inbox. Through reputation monitoring tools, we help customers keep track of their sending reputations and show how message strategies and sending practices are impacting delivery and inbox performance.


Through integrated inbox monitoring, Knotice is able to track delivery of client campaigns at the major North American and International ISPs down to the folder level. We are able to know right away when clients are being blocked or filtered by ISPs. For each campaign that is sent, inbox monitoring reports will provide a delivery status report, confirming that the campaign was delivered, when, and what folder it was placed in (i.e.: inbox or bulk) by each ISP.


List management and hygiene can be a key component to successful delivery and Knotice does offer additional services to help train individuals at certain customer touch points to more effectively request and capture customer email addresses. Knotice can assist in evaluating current online opt-in strategies and their effectiveness in building your opt-in universe.

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