We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
Email Marketing from Knotice

There are dozens of email service providers. There is one Knotice.

Those who say "email marketing is a commodity" are referring to an out-dated and obsolete approach to email. They may not be engaging their customers and prospects with truly relevant, meaningful email communications. Those who say "good email marketing costs too much" or "it takes too much time" likely havenít met Knotice.

Knotice brings data and email content together like never before. You can combine the intelligence within your CRM, POS, E-commerce or EDW applications, preference and opt-in forms with behavioral data that is automatically captured during site visits, SEM keyword searches, and interaction with email and mobile campaigns. This data becomes accessible and actionable for the first time, whenever you need it. You are taking email to the next level Ė deploying smarter, more robust campaigns faster, easier, and for less. A state of email marketing nirvana.

We know the cost of entry into the email game. Knotice provides the premium email services and features you expect from the top-flight ESPs. But we know that alone isnít enough to take your email to the next level. We empower serious marketers to conceive, develop, and deploy a more comprehensive online program where email is a core component, and relevance is applied consistently across channels.

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