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NRF Makes Use of Mobile at Conference to Poll Attendees

March 8, 2010

Published by Mobile Marketer
Written by Giselle Tsirulnik

Knotice provided the mobile polling services for the National Retail Federation’s Inaugural Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference last week in San Francisco.

NRF used Knotice’s on-demand mobile marketing software, Concentri Mobile. Conference attendees had the option to rate each keynote session on a scale of one to five by texting the speaker’s first name and rating to 63103.

“The NRF was looking to expand the universe of people willing to contribute feedback and opinions about the content of the Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference,” said Josh Gordon, director of marketing at Knotice, Akron, OH. “The NRF also wanted to make it more convenient for conference attendees to give feedback.

“Texting a session rating to a short code is much easier and less time-consuming for attendees than filling out a paper form manually after a session is complete,” he said. “SMS session ratings gave the NRF instantly measurable feedback they can use to inform decisions about the content of future conferences.”

The NRF Retail Innovation & Marketing conference is for senior retail marketing, ecommerce and technology professionals.

Knotice is a provider of digital marketing software and services. The company’s mobile marketing software is part of its on-demand direct digital marketing software platform, Concentri.

Concentri Mobile offers basic and advanced mobile marketing capabilities with the features necessary to connect and converse with any customer or prospect, regardless of phone type.

“No direct digital marketing communications channel delivers interactive convenience for both a marketer and a consumer like mobile,” Mr. Gordon said. “The NRF believes in making any conference it is associated with more interactive for those in attendance, and mobile is ideal because every attendee has a mobile device already.”

Attendees notice
Conference executives used the ratings to determine the value of each keynote and breakout session.

“Any conference or event where the organizers care about getting feedback from their attendees should gather keynote and breakout session feedback via mobile, Mr. Gordon said. “Participation is fast and convenient for those in attendance and the event organizers get instant feedback about how their content is performing.

“Some of the fundamental reasons retailers use mobile – measurable results and deeper customer engagement – extend to any type of event that requires enthusiasm from attendees to not only attend an event one time, but to continue attending year after year,” he said.

“Whether an attendee is using their mobile device to participate in a live poll during a keynote, to rate a particularly helpful breakout session, or to text a question to the moderator of an interview on stage, mobile delivers a great experience for attendees at any event.”

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