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September 2006 Issue

Provided by OMMA - The Magazine of Online Media, Marketing & Advertising
Written by Phil Leggiere

The concept of opt-in marketing has so far been limited to e-mail. With the release of its new Concentri program, Akron, Ohio-based software firm Knotice strives to expand permission marketing across multiple channels.

The platform enables marketers to integrate opt-in data about lifestyle, product, and media preferences for delivery and management via e-mail and Web ads, mobile messaging, and iTV all from a single console. It integrates easily with existing workflow and CRM investments to leverage marketing automation.

"By using what we call personal relevance marketing, marketers can now customize both message and medium," says Knotice CEO Brian Deegan. "As an example, record companies offer ringtones to customers over the phone. With Concentri they can customize the same campaign for hip-hop, hard rock, and country fans, ensuring consistent delivery to each group according to their listening preferences."

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