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Onsite Targeting from Knotice

September 3, 2009

Published by Retail Merchandiser
Written by Amanda Gaines

Onsite targeting solutions are available for marketers looking to target Web site visitors with relevant content. Onsite targeting works easily within the framework of an existing Web site and allows a marketer to assign a space anywhere on a Web site, landing page, or microsite and rotate dynamic, relevant content to give the consumer a completely unique and customized experience, be it an offer for free shipping or a simple change to the color of the “buy now” button.

For an onsite targeting solution to be effective, it must do more than inject relevant content. An effective onsite targeting solution has universal profile management capabilities and tools to test and optimize the content based on prospect and customer data points. Better data management not only improves direct digital marketing, it enables the marketer to create a multitude of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that improve the customer experience and lift key metrics like revenue and revenue per site visit.

What makes Knotice’s version of onsite targeting ideal is universal profile management. Universal profile management makes it possible for marketers to leverage both known data points like enterprise customer data and behavioral attributes like organic and paid search activity.

Knotice’s onsite targeting solution is called Concentri SiteTarget. It not only tailors each customer experience to specific needs and wants, Knotice gives marketers the ability to connect a site visitor’s Web experience to their e-mail, mobile, and even brick-and-mortar store experience by leveraging data from any channel.

Anyone shopping for an onsite targeting solution must be sure they are getting more than just onsite targeting. It’s vital for an onsite targeting solution to provide the basic dynamic content functionality, but it must also have universal profile management and testing and optimization tools. Each of these solution elements is important—and mandatory—in the ever-innovating product landscape. For more information, please visit

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