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We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
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Marketers Get the Power to Engage Today's Digital Consumer

Ad:Tech Conference, Booth #1825 - NEW YORK - November 6, 2006 - Knotice Ltd., today announced Concentri 4.0, a simple and powerful software platform for creating and managing highly relevant multi-stage campaigns across email, mobile, and web channels. Every step of campaign management, including planning, producing, publishing and performance tracking is available in Concentri 4.0. The solution provides easy creation and delivery of seamless digital media campaigns - all from the marketer's desktop and at a price tag that fits within a marketer's budget.

Concentri 4.0 is the first product of its kind to provide marketers with an intuitive, visual environment to manage multi-stage campaigns across multiple channels from start to finish, cutting production cycles from weeks to days and reducing the costs of managing campaigns by up to 50 percent. Concentri 4.0 provides a single, consolidated feature set that rivals the best-of-breed capabilities offered by today's single-channel solutions for email, mobile, and web marketing, combined with a level of sophistication usually reserved for seven-figure CRM systems.

"Personal relevance should be seamless across every channel a brand uses to communicate with a customer," said Brian Deagan, CEO Knotice, Ltd. "Our goal with Concentri 4.0 is to solve the challenge of combining personally relevant communications with multi-channel and multi-stage campaigns in a way that every marketer can take advantage of. Marketers shouldn't be spending their time figuring out how to use multiple applications to create a consistent and effective consumer experience. With Concentri 4.0 we've cut the time it takes to implement a campaign so you can spend more time on the message rather than the complexities and nuances of a given medium."

Soup-to-Nuts Campaigns in One Package
Knotice's Concentri 4.0 is designed to put marketing campaigns where they belong, in the hands of marketers. The suite includes tools to manage all aspects

Concentri 4.0 enables marketers to create sophisticated integrated campaigns without extensive training. With the latest release, Concentri now includes easy-to-use tools for marketers to manage the "four P's" of a campaign:

  • Planning and Management - Concentri 4.0's visual campaign console allows users to drag and drop items into a campaign, define relationships between each of the items, and assign production-related tasks to team members to generate correlating project schedules. Campaign items can include:
    • Data sources
    • Delivery rules for triggered or schedule sends
    • Email content
    • Filters for rule and segment definition
    • Forms and surveys
    • SMS message flows and content
    • WAP content
    • Web content
    • User lists
    • Reports

    Simple expression building tools allow marketers to quickly refine segmentation rules and obtain record counts during the planning process.
  • Production - From the campaign console or from a user's personalized workspace, team members are a click away from all the needed functionality to produce a given campaign item within Concentri 4.0. As campaign items are completed they can be submitted for review and approval.

  • Publishing - Once the campaign is tested and approved, it is ready for publishing and/or delivery. Because Concentri 4.0 has a channel-neutral content management system at its core, all campaign-related content is self-contained within the system. No additional steps are required for the campaign to go live.

  • Performance tracking - Based on the on the items within a campaign, correlating dashboard reports are auto-generated. Custom reporting rules can be defined within the campaign to trigger reports at certain stages of a campaign as well as define custom recipient lists.

Pricing & Availability
Concentri 4.0 will be available in Q1 2007 and can be purchased as a monthly subscription license.

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Knotice (pronounced "notice") maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing – interactive marketing communications that can be addressed to a specific individual – through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance. Working with clients across many industries – including retail, hospitality, restaurants, cable and broadband, and many more – Knotice provides efficient, effective, and highly-targeted marketing communications through today’s primary digital channels of email, mobile and the Web. Whether a company is seeking a top-tier channel specific software solution, or a complete direct digital marketing solution that spans all channels, Knotice saves its customers time and money while improving content relevance and campaign performance. For more information visit

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