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We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
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In an Industry Dominated By Automated, Impersonal, and Fragmented Customer Service Approaches, Knotice’s 24/7 Customer Support Gets Personal with a Strong Commitment to Product Knowledge and Happy Customers

AKRON, OH — May 14, 2009 - Knotice Ltd., a provider of software and services that maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance, and improved performance, today announces their continued commitment to best-in-class, white glove customer support for their continually expanding roster of customers.

“Knotice just completed another record quarter thanks to expanded services with existing customers and the opportunity to welcome new customers,” Knotice co-founder and CEO Brian Deagan said. “Despite our growth, our commitment to top-notch, personal customer support will never change regardless of the number of customers we have.”

Deagan said Knotice’s steadfast focus on customer support is evident both by the company-wide mandate to pick up the ringing toll-free customer support phone line on the first or second ring during business hours and the composition of the customer support team – a team that includes Deagan.

“I like knowing that if a customer has a question they can call and get a core developer of the software, a quality assurance expert, or even the CEO on occasion,” Deagan said. “Every customer is important, and being a member of the customer support team is an effective way to demonstrate that.”

Knotice’s on-demand software platform, Concentri™, has a wide variety of highly developed direct digital marketing product offerings including onsite targeting, email marketing, mobile marketing, testing and optimization, landing page management, and universal profile management. Given the diversified product and customer mix, being a member of Knotice’s customer support team requires deep product knowledge and attention to detail. As a result, each new Knotice employee must complete a rigorous “boot camp” training process designed to give the participant a comprehensive understanding of every direct digital marketing function Concentri™ performs.

“If customer support is going to be something we say we believe in, we also need to show it,” Deagan said. “The boot camp program is an effective way to ensure each Knotice employee is well-versed in our product and ready to give a complete answer to any question, whether the reason for the call is email, mobile, onsite targeting, or any of our solutions.”

Knotice’s approach to customer supports raises the bar for a software industry that traditionally relies on impersonal email loops or a complex system of call centers that each specialize in a different product to aid a customer need. Deagan prefers a different approach.

“Providing our customers with the personal support and education they need is paramount to us at Knotice,” Deagan said. “Our customers have made an investment in us to provide the leading edge direct digital marketing tools they need to meet and exceed their business goals. We feel we need to make a personal investment in them to provide the necessary education and support to help them achieve the maximum return on their investment.”

About Knotice’s Concentri™ Software Platform
Knotice’s on-demand software platform, Concentri™, unifies the vital direct digital marketing functions marketers need to create profitable relationships with prospects and customers on a website, through email, and over mobile. Unifying these functions saves time and money while directly improving the relevance and performance of direct digital marketing campaigns. Concentri™ enables marketers to easily engage today’s digital consumers and grow revenue while maintaining a consistent brand experience, cutting production cycles from weeks to days, and reducing other related costs by as much as 50 percent.

About Knotice
Knotice (pronounced "notice") maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing – interactive marketing communications that can be addressed to a specific individual – through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance. Working with clients across many industries – including retail, hospitality, restaurants, cable and broadband, and many more – Knotice provides efficient, effective, and highly-targeted marketing communications through today’s primary digital channels of email, mobile and the Web. Whether a company is seeking a top-tier channel specific software solution, or a complete direct digital marketing solution that spans all channels, Knotice saves its customers time and money while improving content relevance and campaign performance. For more information visit

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