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We maximize the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance.
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Continued focus on relevant communications with digital consumers, while emphasizing process automation and performance improvement, leads to strong growth.

AKRON, OH — January 13, 2009 - Knotice Ltd., a provider of software and services that maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance, today announced record revenue for the fourth quarter 2008, capping off a year of record revenues, approaching 60 percent year over year growth. Company co-founder and CEO Brian Deagan is confident Knotice will continue to experience success in 2009.

“Given current market conditions, we’re very pleased to see this growth heading in to 2009,” Deagan said. “And, while we’re cognizant of the challenging economic landscape, we’re strongly optimistic because our value proposition enables our customers to do more for less.”

In addition to revenue growth, Knotice expanded their workforce, adding experienced front line managers and key staff to all aspects of the business including software development, sales and marketing. Deagan expects to add another 30-percent to the head count in 2009.

“The demand for direct digital marketing that is personally relevant to consumers has grown steadily in recent years,” Deagan said. “As the needs of the market have expanded to include the desire for backend process automation and more accountable performance tools, Knotice is poised to accommodate those demands.”

Knotice also welcomed Software Architect Chris Holmok into the fold. Holmok’s prior experience includes development positions at Microsoft and online social networking company MySpace.

About Knotice’s Concentri™ Software Platform
Knotice’s on-demand software platform, Concentri™, unifies the vital direct digital marketing functions marketers need to create profitable relationships with prospects and customers on a website, through email, and over mobile. Unifying these functions saves time and money while directly improving the relevance and performance of direct digital marketing campaigns. Concentri™ enables marketers to easily engage today’s digital consumers and grow revenue while maintaining a consistent brand experience, cutting production cycles from weeks to days, and reducing other related costs by as much as 50 percent.

About Knotice
Knotice (pronounced "notice") maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing – interactive marketing communications that can be addressed to a specific individual – through process automation, increased relevance and improved performance. Working with clients across many industries – including retail, hospitality, restaurants, cable and broadband, and many more – Knotice provides efficient, effective, and highly-targeted marketing communications through today’s primary digital channels of email, mobile and the Web. Whether a company is seeking a top-tier channel specific software solution, or a complete direct digital marketing solution that spans all channels, Knotice saves its customers time and money while improving content relevance and campaign performance. For more information visit

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