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Techno Upgrades Without Sky-High Price Tag

April 7, 2009

Published by Buyer Interactive
Written by Beth Kormanik

Beth Kormanik interviewed Knotice CEO Brian Deagan for a story on "tech products designed to put more money in your hotel's pocket." Below is the excerpt specific to Knotice. Read the entire article here.

At this point, it’s a given that every hotel has a Web site. But how smart are those sites? Do they know who is visiting, even when that person does not log on? Does it target content specifically for business and leisure travelers? Can the hotel’s technology platform send text messages to guests with their itinerary and check-in time?

If not, then Knotice wants you to know that Web site is behind the times. Knotice, an Akron, Ohio-based direct digital marketing company, focuses on targeting content to guests through a hotel’s Web site, text messaging and email. These campaigns are coordinated so hotels can gather even more information about potential guests and craft specific messages geared toward securing a booking.

“They [hotels] see the benefit of being able to maintain a relevant and consistent message from their Web site, during email and during mobile,” said CEO Brian Deagan.

Knotice is intended for larger chain hotels and hotels with a large share of business travelers.

Through its email marketing program, Knotice integrates email with a potential guest’s Web site experience, so if someone receives an email for a special vacation package, the system will know how many times a person opened the email before actually visiting the Web site and then customize the Web content to match the email. It also allows hotels to track guests even if they do not use a log-in name.

“When they come back to the site, say two weeks from now, we're able to know who they are as if they were logged in,” Deagan said. “We'll know that person is a business traveler and then target content. We give more opportunity for the marketer to know who's on the site.”

Knotice also will test content on a hotel’s Web sites to see what attracts the most potential guests. For instance, when the wording on the site changes, are business travelers more likely to enter the booking process? It can also up-sell guests for special packages. “We're not running a web site, but we allow sites to be more relevant and optimized,” he said.

Knotice also customizes text messages to guests who have already booked a stay. Deagan said the system can send guests their itinerary or offer special coupons for the hotel’s restaurants. When guests check out, they stop receiving texts.

“A lot of that marketing takes the form of relationship marketing or customer-service messaging that people have opted-in for,” Deagan said. “You're not just sending text messages blindly to people.”

For more information about some of the direct digital marketing programs Knotice has available for the hospitality industry, email us or watch a screencast about how Knotice's software enables easy upsell opportunities with a shoulder stay program in the online booking engine.

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