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Program coordinates marketing through e-mail, Web, cell phones

Thursday, June 27, 2006

Provided by Akron Beacon Journal
Written by Dave Scott

A company that got a $500,000 boost from JumpStart Inc. has developed a product that can put marketers in touch with consumers via e-mail, mobile telephones or Web sites.

Knotice Ltd. (pronounced notice) unveiled its Concentri software Monday and touted it as a way to reach impatient consumers with the kind of information they want, when they want it.

CEO Brian Deagan noted that other software enables companies to market using e-mail, the Web or mobile telephones, but Concentri is the first to coordinate all three using a single program.

A key feature will be the ability to take information gathered by a client (e-mail addresses and consumer preferences) and match it with the messages being sent out. For example, Deagan said a consumer shopping in a hardware store could check for special deals on a cell phone, receive a coded coupon for the products he or she is seeking and redeem it by showing the phone to the cashier.

The program also will be smart enough to know what kinds of products consumers want and send marketing information to meet those needs.

``We are able to track and measure everything in terms of who you are communicating with, how effective those communications are, the level of activity they are generating, and if you sold something as a result of those communications,'' Deagan said.

He said customers will be able to buy just the program or select additional services, making Knotice more like an advertising agency. Prices for the products will range from slightly more than $100,000 for just the program to nearly $500,000 for the program and a wide range of advertising services.

Deagan said it takes four to six weeks for a novice to master it. Early customers have been cable television companies in the United States and Canada.

Knotice operates out of an office at 1640 Akron-Peninsula Road in Akron with about 15 employees. It plans to expand to 30 employees by year's end and move to downtown Akron.

JumpStart is an organization that provides venture capital to companies in Northeast Ohio.

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