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Site Personalization

Now marketers can easily unify campaign messaging across digital touchpoints with Site Personalization by Knotice. Target website visitors with the content they’ll respond to most using cross-channel customer data within the Universal Profile Management system. With it, you can trigger page content based on established criteria (such as an email open or an individual’s interests, searches or online behaviors) to seamlessly coordinate page content with email messaging. Site Personalization also lets you target and test content with ease – without bothering your IT team.

  • Using a rules-based approach, automate the process of personalizing the online experience.
  • Once the content zones are established on the page, simply apply display rules to manage the best messaging for each established segment.
  • You define the audience… we help you provide a deeper level of message relevance across channels.
  • Leverage all of your data for enhanced targeting. Use your organization's known attributes to deploy targeted content, including propensity modeling, personas and other actionable analytics strategies.

Customizing site experiences is no longer a daunting task. Simply define a live zone, write a display rule, drop in your relevant content, and deploy it.

  • Marketer Friendly Design – Once set up, marketers control the content through an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Automated Relevance – Personalize the site experience with images, copy, and overall tone for different demographic groups. Customize content and offers based on the customer interests or cross-channel campaign exposure. Create targeted content rotations and stronger cycled messaging. Leverage your existing data to refine your offers and modify your calls-to-action accordingly.
  • A/B Testing – With a simple javascript snippet and a few minutes of IT time, you get access to powerful, cost-effective A/B testing tools (no integration fees).
  • Cross-Channel Integration – Allows for unified customer-focused messaging across multiple touchpoints using content display rules. The platform uses that data to inform other message-delivery channels, natively integrated through our Universal Profile Management system for hands-free message consistency across channels
  • Effective pricing – No integration fees… No charge for impressions – It’s all included in the platform.
  • Metrics and analytics – Every personalization zone is tracked by total page views, clicks, and conversions, so campaign results and optimization can be analyzed by conversion rates, revenue and ROI. Learn more about our Actionable Analytics services here.

Take your message further by targeting page content with Site Personalization. Make use of Knotice's Professional Services group for agency-style support when you need it for strategy, design and execution of targeted dynamic content on your website and/or landing pages.

  • Leverage the experience and expertise of our team here at Knotice. We offer everything from design and delivery to analysis and optimization – with a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Dynamic content is based on display rules. We can help you get things set up right so the right message/design reaches the right person when they visit the site. We offer full-service solutions to efficiently handle it all – including design, content, segmentation, campaign strategy, set-up, execution, analysis, and more.
  • Coordinate Site Personalization strategy with customer activity across other digital channels, such as email, social and/or search. We’ll show you how.
  • Make use of our marketing expertise, analytics, and communications know-how to help streamline your approach, improve message relevance, and boost page performance.

(Learn more about our Actionable Analytics practice here.)

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