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Build stronger relationships via email and across other digital channels with Knotice as your ESP. We make it easy for marketers to infuse their email messaging with customer-focused relevance, based on data and preferences gathered from across digital channels. It’s like having an email marketing channel, data engine and segmentation environment rolled into one — with the advanced email features and functionality today’s digital marketers need most.

  • Leverage online behavior data that is automatically captured. Knotice’s integration-free analytics-driven email allows marketers to deploy email communications that are relevant and timely – creating high-value, profitable interactions.
  • Optimize email for mobile with just a few clicks
  • Enjoy industry-leading deliverability. Since 2007, our delivery rates have averaged 98% across all major ISPs.
  • Create highly targeted email messaging based on select criteria within our profile-based environment using rules-based segmentation.
  • Blacklist and reputation monitoring tools are in place to keep track of sending reputations. We also receive automated notifications when a customer’s IP address is added to any one of two hundred major blacklists, so we can take steps to protect our customers and resolve the issue.
  • Get a personalized IP optimization plan. You get shared or private IP, depending on your unique needs.
  • Automated data collection is native to the platform, so there’s no need for the hassle and expense of additional relationships with third-party providers.
"You might need a specific solution best delivered by a niche vendor... Midsize marketers might like Knotice for help messaging across email, mobile, and display or social media."
Source: Forrester Research Inc., "The Emergence Of The Digital Marketing Service Provider" (January 2012)

Knotice for email… it’s a fantastic way to go.

Standard features and capabilities include:

Powerful segmentation tools - Our Concentri® platform is able to use our UPM’s profile data and activity to target the delivery of email content, as well as Web and/or SMS messaging.

Advanced Targeting – Highly targeted segments can be driven by profile attributes, browsing behavior, past interaction with emails, or any other data point within the system.

Dynamic content – Marketers can send one email to a specific group of customers and, within the context of that email, deliver specific content optimized for each individual customer’s preferences. By applying display rules to the email content, the marketer can easily control which customers receive which content module in each email. The platform will send the appropriate content to the appropriate customer.

Easy-to-use interface – Our flexible user interface appeals to coders and non-coders alike. With the design templates and user interface, it’s easy for anyone from any skillset to create an email that’s going to render successfully, while still taking advantage of the full platform functionality.

Campaign preview and inbox monitoring – Advanced preview tools are included in the platform. See how your email will render across major email clients before you send – and if content will trigger spam filters. After the send, our robust reporting tools offer insight on campaign inbox performance.

A/B testing and optimization – Built-in testing tools allow you to refine subject lines, offers, and calls-to-action with ease.

Landing pages – Create, design and launch custom landing pages to easily expand your campaign design capabilities.

Robust reporting – You get advanced reporting including delivery rates, opens, clicks and conversion tracking and mobile activity.

Form building and surveys functionality – Add custom forms and surveys to your email campaigns with technology standard to the platform. Build your list, poll opinions, capture more leads, survey your audience – all without the extra expense of outside software providers.

Built-in behavior data - All the behavior and activity data is included within the system, ready to take advantage of, eliminating the expense and need to contract with outside vendors.

High-volume capacity – Not only can we handle the sending of billions of messages a month, our platform is architected for unlimited data expansion, thanks to our Greenplum “big data” environment.

Device-specific mobile email optimization – Have confidence that your emails will render well on mobile devices with mobile optimization in just a few clicks.

Data consolidation, management, and segmentation – Harness your critical data resources within a single unified profile-based environment. Work either with us or on your own to develop targeted segments that are easily converted to email lists.

On-demand email and landing page content development and management – Create, test, validate, deploy, and archive your email campaigns and landing pages from a single log-in. Manage and store your content, images, rich media, audio, and video assets, hosted for you in our secure, reliable data center.

Triggered email – Triggered and automated communications are available through our modern API. Trigger emails in real-time or with a slight delay, including stock orders, abandoned cart messages, shipping notifications, order confirmations, and more – all from a single platform. Automated email messages can also be based on behaviors or conditions such as search activity, website activity, email activity, and more.

Custom Templates – We don’t limit your creativity. If you have an existing template, you can drop it in. If you want us to create templates for you to your specifications and needs, we’re here to help. We’ll also design around the unique capabilities of your team for email that looks consistently terrific – in a format that others can’t mess up.

Premium delivery assurance – Includes optimized IP address configuration, IP warming and migration, standard authentication protocols including SPF, Sender ID, and DKIM, certification through Return Path’s Sender Score Certified program, feedback loops across major ISPs, ISP whitelisting services, and blacklist and reputation monitoring.

List hygiene tools – Standard platform tool report on domain health, bounce reporting (including hard and soft bounces), plus the ability to automatically shift people to specific segments based on their level of engagement or non-engagement or non-existence.

U.S.-based customer support and service – Customers have access to 24/7 support and can engage our dedicated, experienced experts.

Get more out of Knotice’s powerful technology. Trust Knotice's Professional Services group for agency-style support for your email marketing.

  • Leverage the experience and expertise of our team here at Knotice. We offer everything from design and delivery to analysis and optimization – with a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Outsource the day-to-day elements of your direct digital marketing to us. We offer full-service solutions to efficiently handle it all – including campaign approach, segmentation, campaign strategy, creative design, set-up, execution, analysis, and more.
  • Get off to an even stronger start. From custom templates to custom interfaces, creative design, content and more, we provide the support and strategy to make sure your campaigns rock.
  • Make use of our marketing expertise, analytics, and communications know-how to help streamline your approach, improve message relevance, and boost campaign performance.

(Learn more about our Actionable Analytics practice here.)

Get in touch to discuss your unique needs. Your team awaits.

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