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Direct Display

Use your customer data and preferences to precisely target your online advertising via Direct Display from Knotice. Your ads will be able to recognize your customers, allowing you to deliver more relevant offers while building deeper brand engagement. Reporting on activity, exposures, and conversions offer accurate performance metrics to inform future campaigns, even across channels.

  • Transform the way you engage with your customers
  • Drastically improve the performance of online display
  • Better manage your media spend
  • Use your first-party data, so you never compromise consumer privacy
  • Be exactly where your customers and prospects will intercept with your message
  • Use display as a direct digital marketing channel, reducing media costs and dramatically improving campaign performance

The ability to use proprietary data within the Universal Profile Management System to drive display advertising is revolutionary. This allows for finely targeted direct display messaging without violating the law or individual privacy rights.

Leverage your customer data to deliver highly targeted display media to sites across the Web with Direct Display from Knotice. We help marketers deliver online display with increased consistency and accuracy.

  • An enterprise-scale platform, certified by all major publishers and networks, including Google, AOL, Yahoo and MSN
  • Closed-loop, multi-channel analytics by receiving daily impression and click activity through our partnership with TruEffect
  • Near-real-time reporting throughout the day
  • Customer data profiles updated hands-free, with ad exposures and click activity available to inform relevant messaging across channels
  • Performance data to inform campaigns via email, mobile, and/or your website for unified customer-focused messaging
  • Uses first-party data (eliminates hit-or-miss retargeting and privacy concerns) and can identify and target known profiles (people already in the UPM system) for stronger brand relationships
  • Unique ability to track mobile display conversions
  • Advanced measurement and analytics for cross-channel insight based on any internal metric you choose
  • Ability to accurately measure campaign data across channels, eliminating inter- or intra-buy duplications
  • Personalized training and support from US-based customer service
  • Also supports traditional digital media buys

When you’re ready to use all that customer data to deliver highly targeted display ads across the Web, count on our Professional Services team to help streamline the process. Along with our partner, TruEffect, Knotice can take care of everything from cadence strategies and banner ad designs to executing a rules-based approach to delivery, targeting individual consumers with the most relevant ad content based on data and business metrics.

  • Leverage the experience and expertise of our team of professionals entirely focused on first-party direct display advertising (including mobile ads), with a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Work with us to create a customer-focused approach for both Direct Display and stronger messaging across channels.
  • Outsource the day-to-day elements of your digital advertising to us. We offer full-service solutions to efficiently handle it all – including campaign approach, segmentation, cadence strategy, creative, content, set-up, execution, analysis, and more.
  • Use those data feeds on impressions, click activity and conversions to inform future strategy. Advanced reporting and business metrics put you in control of your spend, revealing quantifiable results. Learn more about our Actionable Analytics practice here.

Get in touch to discuss your unique needs. We’re happy to help you get started.

Direct Display Insight: The First-Party Advantage

This whitepaper by TruEffect offers a detailed explanation of first-party display capabilities and examples of the use of Direct Display to significantly increase media performance, while reducing the cost of performance.

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