Standard Concentri® Features


Online campaigns can have a short shelf life. Whether it's search, affiliate, or email marketing, if prospects don't convert immediately, often times the campaign lifecycle ends. You have paid for a click that is now "dead money," or a stranded cost. With Relevant Content Serving, you get additional chances to convert these prospects while extending to them a personal brand experience each time they return to your website.

Relevant Content Serving is based on the idea that past behavior is an indicator of future interest. By anticipating the consumer's interest, personally relevant content is dynamically served from Concentri™ thereby extending the conversion opportunity after the click.

Relevant Content Serving supports and supplements existing Web Content Management systems, transparently enriching the site visitor's experience with the most targeted information and offers possible. Take your online marketing intelligence to new levels with discreet up-sell and cross-sell campaigns that leverage your specific knowledge of the visitor's purchase history, search activity, email activity, demographic profile, or geographic location.

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