Concentri® SiteTarget
Screencast: Easy and Powerful Tools for Onsite Targeting
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Concentri® SiteTarget lets you to define easy to edit areas on your website called "live zones." A live zone allows you to inject targeted content and tests specific to website visitors. With Concentri SiteTarget, you don't have to trade off targeting for testing or vice versa; you can do both from one powerful and simple platform.

Feature Highlights

Create live zone content and apply display rules for targeting

With Concentri SiteTarget's WYSIWYG editing environment non-technical users can easily create and manage live zone content. More technical users can upload HTML if preferred.

Content editors don't have to focus on advanced formatting. Live zones can inherit a site's existing CSS styles.

Once the live zone content is created, content editors simply apply displays rules to target content to a specific site visitor segment

Test your live zone content and see what performs best

You can add tests to any live zone with embedded tools for onsite testing. Like live zone content, a test can easily be targeted to a specific visitor segment by applying a display rule to the test (e.g. a hotel chain may want to target and test business travelers versus families).

Whether you want to test clicks or conversions, the goal for each test is up to you. Conversion goals can be specified as simple counts or dollar amounts. Because the testing tools are embedded in Concentri SiteTarget, you are able to configure tests that automatically start deploying top-performing content once statistical significance is reached.

All page elements can be tested - including navigation. To learn more about multi-channel testing capabilities in Concentri, click here.

Define content display rules using powerful segmentation tools

Content display rules are defined using Concentri SiteTarget's powerful data segmentation interface. Any segment in Concentri SiteTarget can be enabled as a display rule and applied by content editors for onsite targeting.

Display rules can include both known and anonymous profiles. They can also be based on a variety of different condition types including website activity, purchase history, email activity, and other profile attributes. Click here to learn more about Concentri's segmentation tools.

View a variety of reports, from impressions to conversions

Concentri SiteTarget automatically tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions for each individual piece of live zone content. Metrics can be viewed at the content level, the live zone level, or in aggregate across all live zones.

Useful mouseover features allow you to reference the specific content within the reporting environment. Concentri SiteTarget can also automatically tag links in live zone content for reporting in third-party analytics packages. Click here to learn more about all of Concentri's reporting capabilities.

Choose the live zone code snippet that best suits you

Concentri SiteTarget provides two options for creating a live zone on your website. You can use a JavaScript snippet or an iframe snippet.

Generally, we recommend the JavaScript snippet as it allows for advanced positioning, variable display, and the ability to specify timeout thresholds and fallback content.

That said, the iframe snippet can come in handy if you want to do targeting or testing on a mobile website. Today, more mobile browsers support iframes than JavaScript.

Specify timeout thresholds and "local" fallback content for your live zones

The round trip load time for a live zone is 120 milliseconds. The JavaScript snippet loads live zone content asynchronously, so it won't "hold up" the loading of other page elements. If for some reason latency does occur, you're able to specify timeout thresholds that instruct the JavaScript snippet to deply fallback content from a local server source.

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