Concentri® Mobile
Screencast: Creating a Mobile Campaign in Concentri®
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With Concentri Mobile, it's never been easier to take advantage of the potential mobile marketing offers. Whether you're looking to pilot a few SMS mobile campaigns or deploy mobile as part of your long-term CRM initiatives, Concentri Mobile provides everything you need.

Feature Highlights

Easily create mobile dialogues

Automatically configure dialogues to support opting-in (single and double), opting-out, and requesting help for each new mobile campaign.

Default dialogues can be easily edited and additional keyword/message combinations can be added. All dialogue activity is captured and viewable in the reporting environment.

Every mobile opt-in creates a valid known profile that can be leveraged by the powerful data integration and segmentation capabilities inherent in Concentri Mobile.

Create and edit SMS messages for ongoing subscription campaigns

Easily add SMS messages to any mobile campaign. Concentri Mobile keeps track of your character count while you type. All standard and custom profile fields are available to personalize SMS messages.

Long URLs for mobile web content can be aliased as "tiny" URLs to preserve the number of available characters.

There is no limit to the number of SMS messages that can be added to a campaign. All messages are tracked and reports are organized by campaign in Concentri Mobile's reporting environment.

Schedule SMS messages for delivery

SMS messages can be scheduled for delivery to all profiles that have opted-in to the related mobile campaign.

Opt-ins can occur through the campaign's mobile dialogue or at the profile-level via Concentri Mobile's web service API. The latter allows for mobile opt-ins to occur from existing website preference center environments.

Integrated reporting for SMS campaigns and mobile web content

For every SMS campaign, you can see how many opt-ins you have, how many messages have been sent, and how many messages have been received.

You can also view activity for an individual dialogue, any scheduled SMS message, and page view information for all mobile web content.

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