Data Integration
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Concentri combines flexible object customization, modern API access, and the ability to automatically capture site visitor behavior to let you easily consolidate all of your data - giving you powerful direct digital marketing while leveraging your existing business systems.

Object Customization

You are able to customize Concentri's core profile and order objects to store an unlimited number of data fields. The profile object stores prospect and customer information. The order object stores partial or complete transactional information. Both are generic objects that are easily configured to support your business. Custom fields maintain their native data types and are configured in "customizations" that function like related tables off the core profile or order object.

All object customizations are available for personalization during content creation and for condition building in our segmentation evironment. Once a customization is added, it's automatically available for data exchange through one of the options below.

Data Exchange

The integration approach that works for one of our customers may not be the best approach for another. Sometimes real-time integration is required, other times it's not. Therefore, we provide three options to get data in and out of Concentri - and you can design the solutions that best suits you.

API Access

Accessing our web service API allows for real-time data exchange of profile and order data between Concentri and existing business systems, such as e-commerce sites, POS systems, enterprise data warehouses, and CRM platforms. To view a real-life, real-time web service example, watch this screencast. If you'd like to review our integration guide, please contact us.

Automated Imports

Concentri is configured to easily support automated data imports via secure FTP. Configuration consists of mapping the inbound file columns to Concentri's fields and specifying the import frequency.

Manual File Upload and Download

You can upload and download lists of profiles at anytime. Lists can be imported into Concentri's core universl profile management environment or uploaded as a separate mailing list for a one-time campaign.

Automatically Capture Site Behavior

When you place Concentri's tracking snippet on your website (or websites), site behavior for both known and anonymous profiles is automatically captured by Concentri with a first-party cookie. This is critical, as first-party cookies are only deleted 5% of the time by website visitors, where third-party cookies are deleted much more frequently - as high as 40%. With Concentri, you'll be able to track more unauthenticated website visits for known profiles than with any other on-demand software platform on the market.

Concentri eliminates the traditional "data schlepping" required to import visitor segment information from third-party web analytics packages. As a result, it's never been easier to leverage website behavior to drive onsite targeting strategies and triggered communications through email or mobile - all in real-time.

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