Standard Concentri® Features


As online marketing strategies become more targeted and multi-channel, single-channel metrics offer less actionable insight. This situation requires a deeper level of insight beyond the standard proxy metrics of impressions, clicks, and conversion counts. You need to attribute and analyze your direct digital marketing - at the most granular message-level - to get true ROI. That's precisely what Concentri does.


Concentri provides intuitive cross-channel dashboard reporting for "at a glance" performance tracking and analysis. You're also able to drill down and see the performance of your individual email campaigns, landing pages, live zone content, and mobile campaigns.


Concentri eliminates the need for repeated tagging of campaign content. After deploying Concentri's tracking snippets, all content stored in Concentri is automatically tracked and reported on in near real-time.

You can also associate Concentri content to campaigns defined in your web analytics platform through drop-down menus. Once that association is in place, Concentri takes care of the rest, rewriting links so they are tracked automatically by your web analytics software.

Custom Reports

You can use Concentri's powerful condition buidling capabilities to define user-level reports that can be exported from Concentri to Excel. Reports can be defined based on any combination of profile attributes, website activity, purchase history, email activity, survey responses, keyword searches, and online advertising participation.

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