Standard Concentri® Features

Better Execution With Truly Integrated Planning Tools

In any given month, week - or even any given day - digital marketers have a lot going on. An Excel spreadsheet or calendaring tool usually ends up being used to keep things organized. But, those tools are completely disconnected from everything their owner, and the rest of the team, is attempting to plan and execute.

With Concentri you can setup a digital marketing calendar that is truly integrated with all of your campaigns and the operations of your team. What do we mean by "truly"? It's simple - you can associate campaign content directly to calendar events. If a segment or mailing list is associated to the content you can even mouse over the calendar event and get counts. You can also preview and approve content right from the event.

Because you can configure your entire calendar you have the ability to define any number of available event types that correspond with your strategies and tactics.

All this is made possible because Concentri stores all of the underlying data and content required for your direct digital marketing in a single, unified system.

Access and Notifications

Restricted user access can be setup so team members who may not need access to other aspects of Concentri, can easily log-in to review the calendar. Event notifications can also be setup, so as things change, internal and external team members are notified automatically.

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