Standard Concentri® Features
Screencast: Landing Page Optimization With Concentri®
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We Call'Em "Moment-Of-Truth" Pages

You invest a lot to drive traffic to your landing pages and microsites. But when the "moment-of-truth" arrives - when the visitor can either convert or quit - have you done everything to maximize your investment?

Managing even static landing pages and microsites can take a lot of work. Not to mention the time involved to test and optimize creative, or present relevant and targeted content.

Manage Easier. Optimize More. Target Better.

With built-in features for creating and publishing content, testing creative, and serving targeted and dynamic pages on-the-fly, Concentri dramatically reduces the amount of work required to serve up well-timed, optimized and targeted landing pages and microsites. The next time that "moment-of-truth" arrives, go from maximizing your investment sometimes, to maximizing your investment every time.

Create More Moments-of-Truth

A lot of people click, but don't always convert at the moment-of-truth. When this happens, campaign lifecycles come to an abrupt, and immediate, end. If they don't convert the first time, Concentri gives you the ability to extend conversion opportunities during repeat site visits or through triggered email.

They Will Look Perfect

You won't have to shoehorn your brand and online look-and-feel into Concentri. The templating in Concentri is extremely flexible, enabling you to present content exactly how you want to. If visitors happen to navigate between pages served by Concentri and your website, their experience is consistent down to the pixel.

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