Standard Concentri® Features

Gain New Insights with Forms & Surveys

Concentri provides a visual, point-and-click environment to create everything from sign up forms, to surveys, to quick polls. All form information is easily exported to Excel as well as stored in Concentri to power your direct digital marketing.

Form building for non-technical users

Because opt-in and custom profile fields can be added to forms, a form creates profiles directly in Concentri and populates any standard and custom profile field that may be configured.

Profiles created from form submissions can be configured to automatically participate in triggered, multi-stage email campaigns.

Multiple options for publishing forms

Forms can be added to any Concentri landing page or microsite.

You also have the ability to publish forms on web pages hosted outside of Concentri by cutting and pasting the form source code into the HTML of the externally hosted web page. You can specify whether you want the form source to maintain Concentri formatting or inherit the formatting of the external page.

Easily export form results and/or use them for future segmentation

In Concentri's reporting environment you can view and easily export results for any Concentri form directly to Excel. You can also setup recurring exports so new form submissions are emailed on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Form results can also be used to drive future segmentation and triggered campaigns. Any individual response value for a field can be used to define a condition in Concentri's segmentation environment.

Feature Highlights

Form building for non-technical users

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