Standard Concentri® Features
Screencast: How Universal Profile Management Works
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More Data To Slice and Dice

Segmentation strategies are largely driven by the available data. But in most cases, the data that's available isn't enough. As a result, target marketing opportunities are limited and you're forced to resort to a one-size-fits-all approach.

If you watched the quick tour, you saw how Concentri's universal profile management environment allows you to store both known and anonymous profiles while capturing all related data in real-time. With this unique and powerful capability, Concentri increases the volume of actionable data points you can leverage - increasing the relevance and improving the performance of your direct digital marketing.

Powerful Segmentation Tools

Concentri's segmentation system is an intuitive, easy to use tool that allows you to harness the power of Concentri's universal profile management environment. Through one interface, you're can define segments that include both known and anonymous profiles. Segments are based on any combination of profile attributes, website activity, purchase history, email activity, survey responses, keyword searches, and online advertising participation.


How Segmentation Works in Concentri

Concentri let's you do more with your data. With Concentri, you not limited to just defining a segment exporting it - you can define a segment and then do something with it.

Concentri segments can be enabled as content display rules that can be applied to any piece of content - whether that content is in an email, a landing page, or a live zone on your website. If the email recipient or site visitor meets the conditions of the display rule, that site visitor is presented with the targeted content. Segments are also used to build mailing lists for both triggered and scheduled email and mobile campaigns.  

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