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Whether you want to send one or two monthly email campaigns - or implement a fully-automated, multi-stage triggered email program - Concentri EmailPlus provides everything you need to execute email marketing strategies that range from simple to complex.

Feature Highlights

Preview email campaigns in popular email readers and test them against leading spam filters - before you send

Through our partnership with Return Path, Concentri EmailPlus gives you the world's leading delivery assurance tools right at your fingertips.

Once your email is created, simply use the analyze message feature to start the campaign preview process. You'll see the results within minutes.

Campaign Preview - Email Rendering

You're able to view your email in over 20 different email readers within Concentri EmailPlus. An actual screen capture of your message is provided for each ISP and/or email reader.

You can also see how your message looks on popular mobile platforms such as BlackBerry and Mobile 5.0/6.0 from Microsoft.

Campaign Preview - Spam Scoring

Spam results are provided for the top spam filters on the market today. For each filter, you'll know if your email message passed or failed. If it failed, you'll find out the specific reason(s) why.

Your emails are always tested against the latest version of each spam filter.

Analyze inbox performance after the send

In addition to domain health reporting - which allows you to view delivery results at the ISP-level - you're also able to track folder-level performance of your campaigns across ISPs.

Valuable post-send analysis allows you to see if your campaign made it to the inbox or bulk mail folder, and is organized by ISP.

Improve email campaign performance by testing

Setup A/B tests and test and optimize everything from subject lines to email creative. Tests are scheduled just like any other mailing, but instead of sending to the entire list, you can specify a sample size for the test.

Once the test is in-market, Concentri EmailPlus tracks the response and declares a winner when statistical significance is reached. The top performing elements are then sent to the remainder of the list.

End-to-end email reporting

Concentri provides end-to-end email reporting for you to analyze and optimize your email marketing.

If Concentri's conversion snippet is deployed on your "goal" pages, you'll have metrics for delivery through conversion - and everything in between, including email opens and clicks.

All reports can be easily exported or emailed from Concentri EmailPlus. User-level email activity reports can be created and exported from the segmentation environment directly into Excel.

Create emails with intuitive WYSIWYG or HTML editing tools

Content editors have the option to use WYSIWYG or HTML editing tools to create email content.

Concentri EmailPlus makes it easy to add images, insert links, and paste external content while removing unneeded formatting. All standard and custom profile fields are available for email personalization through drop-down menus.

Email content can quickly be reorganized by dragging and dropping it from one template zone to another.

Define content display rules to power dynamic email content

Content display rules are defined using the powerful data segmentation interface within Concentri EmailPlus. Any segment can be enabled as a content display rule and applied by content editors to power dynamic email content.

Content display rules can be based on a variety of different condition types, including website activity, purchase history, email activity, and other profile attributes. Click here to learn more about Concentri's unique and powerful segmentation tools.

View counts for dynamic content during email creation

Concentri EmailPlus will automatically show how many known profiles with active email addresses match a content display rule's conditions when the display rule is applied to content.

After the send, you're able to view click through and conversion rates at the module-level for all dynamic content, based on the specific number of recipients.

Quick, multi-part email creation

Easily create the text part of a multi-part email by extracting it directly from the HTML version.

As with the HTML version, standard and custom profile fields are available for personalization.

After it's created, the text version can be previewed right alongside your HTML version.

Setup triggered email campaigns with ease

The unique data integration and segmentation capabilities in Concentri EmailPlus make it simple to deploy sophisticated triggered email programs.

Simply choose the segment that should be the email's list source and set how often the email should be sent. On the fly, Concentri EmailPlus will suppress profiles that already received the email (auto-suppression can be disabled when appropriate).

Create professional, flexible email templates

With Concentri EmailPlus, web designers have complete flexibility in designing email templates using their preferred web design tools, such as Adobe's Dreamweaver.

By inserting zone tokens in the HTML, designers are able to specify what areas will be available to content editors to create and edit email content. Once the zone tokens are in place, designers simply upload their HTML and images into Concentri EmailPlus to create the email template.

Templates can be created to support any type of message format.

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