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Performance Dashboards

Get the pulse of your online business with customized performance dashboards. This service brings all the pieces together so you can see everything you need, all in one place. Our performance dashboards are designed to align with your unique goals. Views are tailored specifically to fit your needs. Get useful, quick observations or track long-term trends. Our team can then offer actionable recommendations to increase performance and speed your success.

  • Accelerate tactical decisions with increased confidence.
  • Pull together data from Concentri and other sources to create a custom, comprehensive view.
  • Get a complete, unified view of the customer.
  • Be into market faster with better performance and increased agility.
  • Gain a deeper level of insight than what you can achieve via Concentri alone.

Why it Matters

Specialist consultancies are web analytics ninjas. Specialist consultancies focus exclusively on supporting web analytics programs. With a laser focus on digital data and analytics, they provide a comprehensive set of services spanning the entire analytics lifecycle, from solution design and implementation through ongoing analysis and maintenance.
Source: Forrester Research Inc., "Where To Get Help With Web Analytics" (January 2012)
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