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Press Releases

2/19/2013 - New Research from Knotice Shows Emails across Industries Inch Closer to Mobile Tipping Point
Emails Opened on Mobile Devices are on Pace to Surpass PC Opens by the End of 2013... Full Story

2/18/2013 - New Guide Provides Marketers with Tips, Resources to Boost Email Opens
Knotice “Guide to Improving Email Open Rates” is a Must-Read for Email Marketers... Full Story

1/8/2013 - Using Customer Data to Inform Email Marketing Helps Retailer Better Connect with Consumers
Knotice Helps Natural Partners Boost Campaign Effectiveness... Full Story

12/12/2012 - EMC Teaming Up with Knotice to Power Data Management and Actionable Analytics
Partnership Will Enable Knotice to Continue to Scale its Services, Accelerate Data Capabilities and Speed Adoption of Customer Data and Analytics Initiatives... Full Story

12/6/2012 - Mobile Email Opens Jump 50 Percent Over 2011 During Cyber Week 2012
New Data from Knotice Shows Email Open Rates on Mobile, Samples 2.8 Million Emails Sent by Retailers in the Days Leading up to Cyber Monday... Full Story

11/14/2012 - Deloitte Names Knotice as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US
Knotice today announced its place among the fastest growing technology companies in America. Specializing in data management, actionable analytics and messaging solutions... Full Story

9/6/2012 - Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for First Half of 2012
Advanced Data from a Sampling of 807 Million Emails Sent across 11 Industry Segments Reveals Strong Increases in Opens on Mobile, Timelines of Open Activity, Popular Mobile Devices, and more... Full Story

8/28/2012 - American Sale Selects Knotice for Mobile Program
Retailer Expands Relationship with Knotice, Now Using Mobile to Streamline Product Delivery... Full Story

7/10/2012 - Knotice Continues to Add Analytics Talent, Blue-Chip Brand Experience
Recent additions to Knotice’s analytics team bring big data and big brand experience from Amazon.com, Progressive, Victoria’s Secret and Express... Full Story

5/22/2012 - BendBroadband Selects Knotice for Email Marketing
MSO Taps Knotice’s Extensive Cable Industry Expertise for the Creation of New Email Program... Full Story

5/3/2012 - New Independent Case Study Details How Knotice Customer Generated 10 Times More Revenue and Connected the Digital Dots with Customer-Focused Messaging
An independent, non-commissioned report on the improved marketing ROI of Knotice customer, Oreck, a vacuum and cleaning equipment manufacturer has been released... Full Story

4/11/2012 - Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for Second Half of 2011
Results from a Sampling of 974 Million Emails Sent Across 11 Industry Segments Reveal a Surge in Mobile Email Opens, Surprising Mobile User Activity, Popular Mobile Devices and more... Full Story

2/10/2012 - Knotice Webinar to Highlight Case Study Examples
Knotice Webinar to Highlight Case Study Examples, Analytics for Creating Unified View of Customers Across Digital Channels, Featuring Ari Osur... Full Story

1/26/2012 - Knotice and Gigya Announce Partnership
New Relationship will Allow Marketers to Leverage Permission-Based Facebook Data for Use Across Addressable Digital Media and for Actionable Analytics... Full Story

11/30/2011 - Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for First Half of 2011
Results from Sampling of 701 Million Emails Sent Nationally in 11 Industry Segments Reveal Surprising Mobile User Behavior by Device Type, Includes Click Activity... Full Story

11/17/2011 - Universal Screen Arts, Inc. Selects Knotice for Advanced Direct Digital Marketing Technology
Retailer Will Use Email and Direct Digital Marketing Technology to Connect with Customers... Full Story

8/23/2011 - Knotice Continues to Add Strategic Expertise
Marketing Strategy Veteran and Interactive Marketing Pro Join Rapidly Growing Direct Digital Marketing Company... Full Story

6/9/2011 - Knotice Brings 23 New Jobs to Northeast Ohio
Innovative Marketing Technology and Exceptional Customer Support Fuel Rapid Growth... Full Story

6/7/2011 - Knotice Powers Fender’s Hot Rod Amplifier Summer Tune Up Promotion
Musical Instruments Giant Strikes a Chord with Knotice for Mobile Marketing... Full Story

5/13/2011 - Knotice to Sponsor eMarketer Webinar on Tactics for More Effective Display Advertising
Free Event will Provide Marketers with Actionable Strategies to Get More Out of Their Search and Display Advertising... Full Story

5/5/2011 - Telltale Games Selects Knotice for Email Marketing
Game Developer Partners with Knotice to Create Highly Targeted Email Communications... Full Story

4/19/2011 - Knotice Adds Leading Healthcare Organization to Growing Customer Base
Akron Children’s Hospital Partners with Knotice for Email Marketing... Full Story

1/18/2011 - New White Paper Lets Marketers Harness the Power of the Mobile Web
New 20-page White Paper and Guide a Must-Read for Marketers Planning Mobile Web and 2D Strategies... Full Story

1/13/2011 - Introducing New Mobile Email Opens Q4 2010 Report by Knotice
Results Based on Sampling of 155.3 Million Emails Sent Nationally Spanning 12 Industry Sectors... Full Story

9/8/2010 - Knotice Launches Developer.Knotice.com
New Site Provides Developers with a Comprehensive Resource for Multi-Channel Integration with Knotice’s On-Demand Software Platform Concentri®... Full Story

8/11/2010 - Endless Pools Selects Knotice for Onsite Targeting, Testing
Endless Pools Uses Concentri®SiteTarget to Test and Target Web Site and Landing Page Content... Full Story

7/28/2010 - Knotice Announces New Software Release, Expands Mobile Marketing Feature Set
New Device Recognition and Optimization Features, Plus Mobile Analytics Improvements, Cement Knotice as Direct Digital Marketing Leader... Full Story

6/23/2010 - Arborwear Selects Knotice For Highly Targeted Email Marketing, Retail Expertise
Arborwear Uses Concentri®EmailPlus for Efficient, Targeted Email Marketing... Full Story

6/22/2010 - 80sTees.com and Allpopart.com Select Knotice for Connected Direct Digital Marketing
Using Knotice’s Concentri® EmailPlus and Concentri® SiteTarget Together Shows Promise For Retailers... Full Story

5/4/2010 - Knotice Wins Hermes Creative Award for Mobile Marketing White Paper
Knotice honored for “Making Sense of Mobile Marketing” white paper... Full Story

4/20/2010 - Weleda Selects Knotice to Power Highly Targeted Email Marketing
Weleda Uses Knotice’s Concentri EmailPlus For Targeted Email Marketing... Full Story

4/13/2010 - Fastenal Selects Knotice for Onsite Targeting
Fastenal Engages Knotice For Testing and Targeting Web Site and Landing Page Content... Full Story

1/21/2010 - Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling Selects Knotice For Onsite Targeting, Email, And Mobile Marketing
Knotice has been selected by Total Nonstop Action to power a complete direct digital marketing strategy that spans the email, mobile, and Web channels... Full Story

1/19/2010 - Crocs Selects Knotice for Mobile Marketing
Crocs Set To Expand Mobile Marketing with Knotice’s Concentri® Mobile and Strategic Expertise... Full Story

9/9/2009 - Texas Roadhouse Selects Knotice As Its Mobile Marketing Partner
Advanced Mobile Marketing Features in Knotice’s Concentri® Mobile are Ideal for Enhancing Guest Service and Convenience... Full Story

8/25/2009 - ResortQuest Selects Knotice's Concentri® to Power Highly Targeted and Automated Hospitality Email Marketing
ResortQuest To Improve Targeting and Execute Automated, Triggered Email Marketing Programs with Knotice’s Concentri® EmailPlus... Full Story

8/18/2009 - American Sale Selects Knotice's Concentri® Emailplus For Relevant and Triggered Retail Email Marketing
American Sale To Use Knotice’s Concentri® EmailPlus for Automated, Triggered Email Marketing and Improvements in Message Relevance... Full Story

6/3/2009 - Knotice Announces The General Availability of New Advanced Mobile Features In Its On-Demand Software Platform Concentri
New features let customers rapidly deploy advanced mobile tactics that leverage existing websites and business systems to drive value, increase revenue, and reduce costs... Full Story

6/1/2009 - HeyButler.com Selects Knotice to Boost Email Marketing, Website Relevance
HeyButler.com Upgrades to Knotice’s On-Demand Direct Digital Marketing Software, Concentri™, for Improved Email Marketing and Onsite Targeting... Full Story

5/14/2009 - Knotice Puts A Unique Twist on Traditional Customer Support
In an Industry Dominated By Automated, Impersonal, and Fragmented Customer Service Approaches, Knotice’s 24/7 Customer Support Gets Personal with a Strong Commitment to Product Knowledge and Happy Customers... Full Story

1/13/2009 - Knotice Sets New Revenue, Personnel Growth Records in 2008
Continued focus on relevant communications with digital consumers, while emphasizing process automation and performance improvement, leads to strong growth... Full Story

6/3/2008 - GameSnake Selects Knotice’s Concentri Platform
GameSnake extends sports and recreation social environment to mobile while deploying new landmark cross-channel strategies to improve member experience with best-in-class targeting capabilities... Full Story

5/14/2008 - Knotice Delivers Choice and Flexibility for Today's Interactive Marketer
New Concentri™ product lines allow interactive marketers to easily align marketing goals with software platform’s powerful capabilities... Full Story

4/15/2008 - Knotice Sets Another Quarterly Growth Record
Year-Over-Year Quarterly Growth Increases 113%... Full Story

4/8/2008 - Knotice Rolls Out Email Marketing Enhancements
Broader coverage with international Internet Service Providers and campaign preview support for Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, and Blackberry RIM now available.... Full Story

2/26/2008 - Tea Forté Selects Knotice's Concentri Platform
Tea Forté improves online consumer experience, and overall ROI, through integration of best-in-class onsite targeting, optimization and email marketing capabilities... Full Story

4/17/2007 - Davey Tree Customers to Receive Enhanced Communications via the Knotice Concentri Platform
Knotice Ltd., a provider of solutions for marketing to today's digital consumers, today announced that The Davey Tree Expert Company, a green industry leader, has selected Knotice's Concentri™ software platform to provide timely and relevant communications across email and to the Web... Full Story

4/10/2007 - Knotice Presents at InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum
Knotice, Ltd. is one of 30 Companies presenting today and tomorrow at the InvestMidwest Venture Capital Forum in Overland Park, Kansas... Full Story

3/6/2007 - Knotice Rescues Stranded Marketing Costs with Relevant Content Serving
New Concentri feature enables marketers to extend their ability to convert the 96% of prospects who click but don't buy from paid search, affiliate, and email marketing campaigns... Full Story

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