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Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for Second Half of 2011

Results from a Sampling of 974 Million Emails Sent Across 11 Industry Segments Reveal a Surge in Mobile Email Opens, Surprising Mobile User Activity, Popular Mobile Devices and more.

AKRON, OH - April 11, 2012 – Knotice, a provider of direct digital marketing software and services, today announces the release of its Mobile Email Opens Report for the second half of 2011. The report features valuable data on the percentage of email opens occurring on mobile devices (including phones and tablets), click activity, and mobile device popularity across 11 industry segments including retail, consumer products, cable and telecommunications, and more.

The bi-annual report offers a comprehensive look at overall mobile usage as it pertains to email, including percentages of emails opened via mobile device and click-to-open (CTO) rates of permission-based email. (CTO is a measure of action taken within that email once opened.) The report includes:

  • Specific mobile device or operating system (including Android, iPhone and iPad)
  • Details based on industry segment;
  • Email opens based on time of day (including smartphone versus iPad usage), and
  • Geography (mobile usage by state).

Also featured is a comparison of email opens and click-through rates on smartphones versus iPads, with level of activity shown by time of day.

Key findings include:

Mobile Email Opens Soar, up 36 Percent: The number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc. during the second half of 2011, increased to 27 percent, up from 20 percent during the first half of 2011. This shows the steady, strong increase in mobile open rates continues, which lends further evidence to the accelerating rate of mobile adoption as previously forecast.

Inbox Triage is Not Happening: In the retail industry over 95 percent of email opens occurred on only one type of device. Of those emails opened on multiple devices, only 2.39 percent were opened on both a mobile and desktop device. This refutes the idea that a common behavior among consumers is to open an email on a mobile device first then return to it later via desktop device.

Retail and Consumer Services Industries See Highest Mobile Email Opens Rates: The Consumer Services and Retail industries saw the highest mobile open rates at 35.39 percent and 28.42 percent, respectively. Over 28 percent of emails from retailers are opened exclusively on a mobile device.

Mobile Email Opens Rise, But Click Activity Still Lags Behind: The real measure of email success is what a person does once they have opened the email. The share of email clicks occurring on phones and tablets (and the relative CTO rates) continue to lag behind the desktop experience. This can be attributed to the lack of email content optimized for mobile users, which can make it difficult for recipients to take action on emails with limited functionality or viewing difficulties.

The full report is available as a free download here:

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Knotice (pronounced "notice") is an on-demand software and marketing services company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices in Seattle. Our advanced solutions help marketers maximize the return on direct digital marketing – digital communications that are addressable to a specific individual via email, mobile and web channels. With our company's software proprietary platform, Concentri®, we pioneered the uniting the data and delivery of today's primary direct digital channels into a single, powerful system. In addition to technology, Knotice provides a comprehensive offering of marketing services spanning strategy and planning, creative services, custom development and advanced analytics and business intelligence. For more information, visit: www.knotice.com

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