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Brian Deagan, Chief Executive Officer

Knotice CEO Brian Deagan co-founded the company with the simple objective of helping marketers communicate more effectively with their customers across digital channels. His interactive marketing expertise has been featured on the national stage and in leading industry publications. Knotice is the third technology-based company Brian has guided in the past decade. Since the early 1990's, he has leveraged his pragmatic approach to emerging technologies and his experience in the software industry to develop, market and sell enterprise business solutions to a wide range of industries, while maintaining a heightened focus on marketing automation and creative-services application software. Prior to Knotice, he served as Chief Executive Officer of 600 Monkeys until the company was acquired by Niku Corporation in Redwood City, CA, where he served as the Director of Vertical Markets.

Jonathon Grimm, President & Chief Financial Officer

Jon Grimm brings 15 years of financial and business management experience to Knotice. Jon joined the management team in September of 2003 to oversee all financial and administrative functions. Before joining Knotice, he was part of the investment banking unit at Fahnestock & Co. (now Oppenheimer & Co.) where he conducted merger and acquisition transactions, private funding, and financial advisory engagements. Prior to Fahnestock, Jon managed a private equity firm. He also served as a management consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in San Jose, CA, where he advised technology clients in a variety of financial and operational matters. He has extensive experience working with early stage growth companies, as well as Fortune 500 firms.

Bill Landers, Chief Technology Officer

Bill Landers co-founded Knotice where he serves as CTO, leading the technical direction of the company, working on advanced solutions to grow value for its customers. An innovative and seasoned software professional, Bill has experience leading first-rate teams in the development of niche software products. He blends his experience leading a nimble market-driven development team with the discipline attained in a large, highly structured development organization to deliver high-quality, well-suited software solutions. Prior to Knotice, he served as Chief Technology Officer of 600 Monkeys until the company was acquired by Niku Corporation in Redwood City, CA, where he served as User Interface Lead.

Jeff Carey, Director of Analysis and Strategy

Jeff brings over 15 years of comprehensive BI experience to Knotice's growing Actionable Analytics team. A leader in data-driven marketing, Jeff has utilized his expertise at a variety of notable companies, including Charter Communications, where he served as senior director of marketing science, Dell, and Bass Pro Shops. He is responsible for supporting insight-driven marketing strategies, and leveraging advanced segmentation approaches, modeling, and data analysis. He also works with Knotice customers to develop key platform requirements within Knotice's on-demand software platform.

Scott Cesen, Director of Account Strategy and Planning

With a wealth of experience in the consulting and interactive marketing, Scott helps Knotice customers identify key business requirements, and works with technical teams to design customized solutions to achieve their goals faster making full use of their Knotice engagement. Before coming to Knotice, Scott served as an associate partner with Rosetta (formerly Brulant) and before that, at Accenture. During his time at Rosetta, Scott worked with a number of clients primarily in the consumer products and retail industry, leading programs focused on ecommerce including the broader suite of digital services such as creative, paid and organic search, advanced analytics, and planning/strategy.

Emily Haase, Director of Onboarding, Education, and Support

Emily is responsible for creating a seamless new customer transition for all new Knotice customers, providing ongoing education and training for them, and ensuring that support issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Emily was with Knotice at the start as Director of Client Services where she focused on creating strong client relationships through fantastic service, timely delivery, and flawless production. Two years later, she left Knotice to follow a life-long goal earning her law degree. She graduated with honors and quickly found herself working at a prestigious local firm; however, she found the practice of law was not the proper career fit. Emily returned to Knotice in 2009 where she helped start the Onboarding, Education, and Support department.

Dutch Hollis, General Manager Professional Services

With 15 years of interactive marketing leadership and broad experience across digital channels, Dutch is a highly regarded direct digital marketing professional. His interactive marketing experience across industries includes: CPG, retail, and telecommunications. Before coming to Knotice, he served as VP Operations at Worx Branding and Advertising. Dutch's expertise has been featured in leading industry publications, and he is a frequent contributor to Knotice's award-winning blog, "The Lunch Pail."

Patti Renner, Director of Marketing

As director of marketing, Patti helps create opportunities for brands to know and understand the value of Knotice. A seasoned interactive digital marketer and master copywriter, Patti leads the development of highly regarded resources, as well as analyst relations, industry event appearances, campaigns and more. A serial entrepreneur, before joining Knotice she ran a successful marketing writing practice, helping marketers and business owners perform better online and across digital channels. She was also owner of a nationally recognized stationery boutique, a small chain of coffee shops, and was founding editor of an automotive aftermarket trade magazine.

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